Sovereign advisory work was GML’s first and principal activity in the 1980s, and has remained a backbone of the firm’s business through to the 21st century. GML advises governments and other public and private sector entities on debt reduction and restructuring strategies, access to capital markets, debt conversion programmes, debt set-off structures, and financial engineering using value impaired debts as a currency of payment. GML is accustomed to structuring complex multi-party and cross-border transactions, and maintains many close relationships with governments and financial institutions in GML’s target markets. As an example, GML is one of very few foreign firms accepted by the Russian State Committee for Foreign Assets and Liabilities as an approved financial institution to conclude debt-related transactions with the Government of the Russian Federation.

GML has concluded transactions for sovereign and quasi-sovereign customers involving more than US$ 3.5 billion equivalent face value of debt.

Over more than 15 years, our customers have included the governments, central banks, ministries and a variety of enterprises in (amongst others);

Albania, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Georgia, Ghana, Hungary, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Libya, Macedonia, Malawi, Montenegro, Morocco, Nigeria, Paraguay, Peoples Republic of China, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Tanzania, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Ukraine.

GML presently works closely with Russian Government Authorities on the reconciliation and preparation for restructuring of uninsured trade debts of Foreign Trade Organizations of the former USSR as a member of the Forum of Trade Creditor Group Representatives.




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