GML specializes in debt recovery and the trading of debt instruments, both performing and non-performing. In particular we are often able to create a use, and therefore a value, for distressed debs which are considered uncollectable and for which no market exists. GML is especially proud of its expertise in structuring and settling extremely complex and pioneering financial transactions, and works very closely on legal issues and documentation with Sidley & Austin, London, GML’s principal legal counsel and other law firms world-wide.

Whilst we structure transactions in widely traded and familiar instruments, GML adds great value with its ability to structure transactions involving mis-priced or poorly understood assets and/or highly structured solutions. There are numerous instances of GML investing months of work and legal expertise in finding the solution to problems of transferring assets from original creditors where previously no hope of such transfer or value recovery existed.

GML is very active in evaluating distressed or illiquid assets for clients (without any obligation on the part of the client to sell or otherwise dispose of such assets), in order to provide insights as to the potential value or use for such assets. As stated above, there have been countless cases over the years where GML clients held non-performing assets on their books which they considered worthless, where GML was able to purchase these assets for cash. For the purposes of evaluating assets held by clients, GML has developed a two page questionnaire , which provides the basic information necessary for GML perform an analysis of value. Please click on this questionnaire link to download an Adobe™ Acrobat™ document which can be completed by hand and sent to GML by fax. All such information provided to GML will be kept in strict confidence, and only used for the purposes of making a confidential evaluation for you. GML maintains an extensive database of distressed assets held by its clients, as there are many instances in GML’s business of structuring transactions where GML may not have demand for a particular asset today, but where a window of opportunity opens briefly in future, when GML can inform its clients of the chance to sell an asset at an attractive price.





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