A number of clients have asked GML to provide them with a simple method of performing discounting calculations for forfaiting transactions, using standard methodology. In response, GML has written a Microsoft™ Windows™-compatible software program, GML Trade Finance Analytics™ (the "Software"). The Software performs the same principal calculating functions as CMG:roHIRSTTM and other similar programs, and produces identical calculation results. The Software is a proprietary program which allows users to quickly input and determine the discounted value of future cash flows, in accordance with market standard calculation conventions in the "à forfait", without recourse financing, and trade finance markets. The Software has been deliberately designed by GML to provide basic functionality which is required in pricing and valuing assets, and to be easily mastered after only a few minutes of practice. GML recognizes that there are a number of competing software programs which are able to provide more sophisticated functionality, including portfolio management functions, but the Software is intended for users who primarily need to perform simple pricing calculations for individual transactions involving forfaiting assets, and licenses for the Software are priced accordingly.

In particular, the Software will:

  • Load quickly and easily onto most personal computers running Microsoft™ Windows™ ;
  • Calculate the net present value of a series of cash flows at discount rates determined in accordance with various market standard compounding conventions;
  • Calculate a series of future cash flows, by targeting a net proceeds figure on the basis of a discount rate;
  • Save/store details of assets/cash flows, which can be recalled quickly and easily for printing or recalculation;
  • Produce for printing an easy-to-read and comprehensive report showing all of the characteristics/assumptions for the asset/cash flows, and the results of calculations (click here to view a sample report);
  • Allow the user to cut and paste into the Software a series of dates and cash flows from popular spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft™ Excel™ and Lotus 1-2-3™;
  • Calculate actual payment dates (and days of grace), on the basis of ten years of pre-loaded holidays in each of the currencies CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, USD, and all of the "legacy" currencies which comprise the EUR;
  • Allow the user to create other currencies in which assets are denominated, as well as to modify holidays for both the pre-loaded currencies as well as any currencies which the user may choose to create.

GML will provide the Software free of charge as a demonstration version, which will not print, or save. We will ‘unlock’ the demonstration version so that it is fully functional for a trial period of three months for all GML clients. At the end of the three month trial period, GML will charge a modest license fee of USD 1,000.00 per annum for granting a license to use the Software. This licensing fee is negotiable in the case of multiple licenses within the same firm, and may be waived at GML’s sole discretion for clients doing significant volumes of business with GML.

The software may be downloaded form this site, or GML will be pleased to send the software to you on a CD-ROM.







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