A principal business line for GML is the origination, structuring and distribution of new financings for emerging market borrowers within GML’s target markets in Central and Eastern Europe, the Near East, and Central Asia. Transactions encompass the entire spectrum of types of borrowing, ranging from trade finance and working capital finance for corporations (usually guaranteed by local banks), project finance for para-statal or other organisations (usually guaranteed by the relevant sovereign entity), financing for real estate projects, and general purpose funding for banks and sovereign borrowers. Risk placement is concluded in the "à forfait" market, the euro-loan market, with emerging market investment funds and pension funds, and in the international bond markets.

In more than 600 transactions, GML has raised more than US$ 1.6 billion in new finance for its customers.

GML has produced a Microsoft Windows™-based industry standard proprietary software programme, GML Trade Finance Analytics™ for use in pricing forfaiting assets, which can be downloaded from the GML Forfaiting Software page. A CD-ROM disk is also available upon request.


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